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On the Misunderstanding of Children's Shoes
From: Guangzhou Beililai Children's Shoes Factory Post date: 2019-03-28

1. Children's shoes are miniaturized versions of adult shoes.
Children's shoes and adult shoes are suitable for foot wear at different stages of development; adult shoes are worn when the foot has developed completely and completely stereotyped. But at this time, your feet will be as good as they should be. Children's shoes are developed and designed for weaving professionals according to the physiological and motor characteristics of the baby's feet at different stages of development and combined with human physiological mechanics.
As we all know, 75% of the bones in the feet of newborn babies are cartilage. Normally before the age of 15, the growth of bones, calcification, arch formation, and infant fattening will be completed from fast to slow, and so on. So children's shoes can never be a miniature version of adult shoes!
Do you think it's possible to insert baby's feet into a smaller version of adult shoes?
So for children, a pair of healthy and comfortable children's shoes is the most important.
2. Colorful and fashionable children's shoes, baby likes them better and grows well for baby.
Many parents take it for granted that children's shoes are colorful and fashionable. Baby likes them better and grows better.
In fact, for baby, the world is always colorful and life is always wonderful. All eyes are colorful, aesthetic will also appear fatigue; more importantly, from the dyeing point of view, colorful, deep, dyeing fastness is generally not very good. At the same time, the content of heavy metals and formaldehyde involved in the dyeing process is also likely to be more... And all of these are not good for the baby's health.
Advocate: Walk healthily and grow happily
3. The moon in foreign countries is more round, and the children's shoes from abroad are more suitable.
This is the deformed shopping view of the current Chinese society. In fact, with the development of the country and the progress of society, many domestic products not only catch up with similar products of developed countries, but also far exceed their performance.
For shoes, because Chinese (or Asian) people have different foot types from Westerners, shoes suitable for Westerners'feet are not necessarily comfortable for Chinese people, let alone children's shoes.
There are four common foot types in the world:
Egyptian foot - Big toe is longer than two toes;
Greek feet - Big toes are shorter than two toes;
Roman foot - five toes are almost the same length, especially the thumb and the second and third toes are basically the same length;
Square foot - big toe and two toes are equal in length;

Four types of feet

According to the statistics of foot shape survey, Egyptian foot is the most common foot type in China, accounting for more than 60%, followed by Greek foot and square foot, and Roman foot is very few.
Westerners, on the other hand, have the opposite foot shape as a result of their early entry into industrial society.
The characteristics of foot type in Western population:
The soles of feet are thin and flat, and the inner curvature is large.
The thumb is close to the other four fingers, and the toes are thin and long.
The radian of heel is large and prominent.
When the dorsal surface of the foot slides down from the wrist, it is smooth and smooth in a slope shape.
The feet are slender and slightly thin.
The characteristics of foot type of Oriental population are as follows:
The sole of the foot is broad and thick, and straight.
The thumb and other four fingers are slightly octagonal, with short and fat toes.
The radian of heel is smooth and smooth.
When the dorsal surface of the foot slides down from the wrist, it rises like a mountain peak in the tarsal region.
The foot is short and slightly fat.

That is to say, the normal foot shape of Chinese babies is mostly Egyptian foot, that is, the big toe is slightly longer than the second toe, there is no hypertrophic protuberant joints, the foot is straight and round, the skin is smooth, soft and transparent, the sole is soft and elastic.
Therefore, children's shoes produced according to Western foot type are not suitable for Chinese baby's foot type.
For babies, suitable children's shoes are the best, and healthy children's shoes are the most important.
4. Thick, repetitive and miscellaneous children's shoes are cooler and more helpful.
With the popularization of modern media, people have more chances to see more professional and functional climbing shoes, basketball shoes... These shoes are cold, heavy and powerful in shape, complex in parts and powerful in function... Invisibly, take it for granted that these shoes are more helpful to the baby in the foot development! Is that really the case?
In fact, babies are born barefoot, can not be a hint of restraint! Do you often see the baby pedaling socks and shoes all over the floor? Baby's legs and feet have just developed, delicate, soft, powerless... If you wear heavy shoes to your baby, can he still move his feet? Do you look tired?
In fact, the best one is suitable for babies. It is very important to choose light shoes for babies at different stages, so that babies can run freely, so that babies love sports from now on.

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